Fundación Magnolia:
Helping to connect the world to Mexico through Contemporary Art.


We envision ourselves as providing an opportunity for internationalist people from different countries to learn more about each other, acting as a catalyst for the development of more effective international relations.

Core Ideology

Contemporary Art uses the visual language of today, needing no translation while simultaneously instigating thoughtful debate. The exceptional quality of what is being produced in Mexico has been praised worldwide, and it is opportune to allow its creators and their work to be emissaries of their country.

Contemporary Art can be interactive, challenging, exciting and inclusive. These characteristics help to explain why the environment it creates typically attracts young, internationalist, educated, and energetic people in every country.

We believe this environment can be used as a platform for dialogue and mutual understanding. Collaborative programs built around art projects can draw on the wealth of available resources and significantly increase the impact of any isolated contribution.

By coming together, worlds unite and people of different countries and cultures are given the opportunity to develop an authentic first hand awareness of each other, a basic understanding that is so imperative for effective international relations.


  • Continually form new links and friendships in with other nations.
  • Ensure the good representation of México abroad.
  • Encourage an interest in bilateral relations.
  • Provide resources and consultancy for a better understanding of the areas in which we work.
  • Help maximise the potential and impact of the activities we are involved in.