Mrs. Laura Perez Medina Mora put together a memorable evening at her home, the Official Residence of Mexico in London, to celebrate surrealism and the day of the dead in support a wonderful bilateral project between West Dean College supported by the Edward James Foundation, and an Educational institution in Xilitla, Mexico. It was a pleasure to see so many great people taking an active role in organization as well as a great number of young volunteers there to help.

Edward Frank Willis James (1907) arrived in Mexico in 1944, and together with Roland McKenzie and Plutarco Gastelum, they chose a spot on the river Santa Maria, Xilitla, on top of the Sierra Huasteca in northeastern Mexico to create a ‘garden of Eden’. He “was a life-long patron of the arts and supported young painters, composers, and writers… He supported many young artists such as Salvador Dalí, Rene Magritte, and Pavel Tchelitchew, buying their work, which was then, unfashionable. In this way, he unintentionally amassed what has come to be accepted as one of the finest collections of surrealist art in Europe.”

Many fascinating people attended the evening, which featured pieces by Leonora Carrington and Salvador Dalí, on loan from the Edward James West Dean Foundation´s collection. A delightful ‘surrealist’ dinner which brought people of many nationalities together.