законы физики

“…А что вы хотели сказать своими работами?
Если бы я хотел что-то сказать, то стал бы писателем. Мне кажется, что произведения искусства ничего не говорят, и ничего не означают. Произведения искусства – это просто результат наблюдения за чем-либо.”…

Alejandro Almanza at Fundación Magnolia

“…Known for questioning and challenging the rules of physics Alejandro fiercely explores the concept of gravity in his work. Relentlessly pushing these boundaries, Almanza Pereda relies purely on the forces of resistance to hold his works in place.” Pablo Leon de la Barra, CENTRE FOR THE AESTHETIC REVOLUTION

Mexican Revolution

“…the first of a series of international exhibitions, [in] collaboration with the Fundación Magnolia… took place in the private Fifteenth Century cloister next to Madonna Dell’Orto Church, which is open for the first time. The family that owns the space recently restored it, and depending on whether you trust collector Beth DeWoody or the attendant who was watching the space, the residence was either sold by the church and the family excommunicated for buying the property, or Napoleon broke it up… Momin is the guest curator, in collaboration with Curator Marina Kurikhina…” Alex Gartenfeld, Interview Magazine

Another Mexico in Venice

“…The Magnolia Foundation, founded by Tarek Echeverria Samperio with the aim of getting involved in the creation and promotion of contemporary art in [Mexico], gave its first signs of life, bringing the work of 4 Mexicans, at the hands of curators Marina Kurikhina and Shamim M. Momin, to the exhibition space that for a few months every two years, becomes perhaps the most yearned-for platform for young artists…” Tomo Magazine


“…The Mexican Pavillion at the Biennale has been rated by many art publications as the best one… When I went and took a careful look I had to agree…” Olympia Scarry, Pop Magazine


“…Without nationalist bias, the one I clearly remember now is PavilioM, by the Fundación Magnolia, which … housed the work of four [fellow Mexicans]. The piece that caught my attention, The Wall, Jorge Méndez Blake (Guadalajara, 1974), alluded to a book by Franz Kafka: The Castle, and was a beautiful and provocative red brick wall in the cloister of the church the Madonna del Orto, which, incidentally, was closed to the public for three centuries before this exhibition…” Juan Manuel Gómez