Our good friends Richard Hamilton and Virginia Cowles Schroth from the American Patrons of the TATE helped us to coordinate a visit of the Latin American Acquisition Committee of the TATE to the exhibition I DID IT MY WAY AND TOOK THE HIGHWAY. We had presentations by Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Tanya Barson and Marina Kurikhina. Mestizo restaurant offered some culinary delights and prepare drinks brought to us by Olmeca Tequila. Mexican food recently was recognized by UNESCO as a cultural world heritage, making it a perfect addition to the visit.

Tiqui Atencio had kindly received us all at her beautiful home in London the previous day, and our old friend Jack Kirkland also extended his hospitality well into the night. They were joined by a wealth of charming people at the exhibition, and we made many new friends, surrounded by Alejandros work.