We inaugurate Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s solo exhibition in London in les than one week! I DID IT MY WAY AND TOOK THE HIGHWAY

For it, Alejandro has visited London three times over the last few months, and we have travelled the UK in search for objects that merit forming part of his incredible installations. He has engrossed himself in 24hr creative frenzies, and the results are blooming. Marina Kurikhina has surpassed herself as curator through the selection of works, and the commissioning of many new and site-specific pieces; in the process of conditioning Kenny Schachter’s Rove Gallery ready for this great work, she has all but refurbished it!

We have had so much attention and enthusiasm already from our wonderful supporters, be they patrons, professional volunteers or interns, and we are welcoming more contributions to this project everyday.

Now- we are looking forward to welcoming you!