Mrs. Laura Perez Medina Mora put together a memorable evening at her home, the Official Residence of Mexico in London, to celebrate surrealism and the day of the dead in support a wonderful bilateral project between West Dean College supported by the Edward James Foundation, and an Educational institution in Xilitla, Mexico. It was a pleasure to see so many great people taking an active role in organization as well as a great number of young volunteers there to help.

Edward Frank Willis James (1907) arrived in Mexico in 1944, and together with Roland McKenzie and Plutarco Gastelum, they chose a spot on the river Santa Maria, Xilitla, on top of the Sierra Huasteca in northeastern Mexico to create a ‘garden of Eden’. He “was a life-long patron of the arts and supported young painters, composers, and writers… He supported many young artists such as Salvador Dalí, Rene Magritte, and Pavel Tchelitchew, buying their work, which was then, unfashionable. In this way, he unintentionally amassed what has come to be accepted as one of the finest collections of surrealist art in Europe.”

Many fascinating people attended the evening, which featured pieces by Leonora Carrington and Salvador Dalí, on loan from the Edward James West Dean Foundation´s collection. A delightful ‘surrealist’ dinner which brought people of many nationalities together.

Marina Kurikhina brought Simon Baker and Vanessa Arelle together at the members room of the Tate to discuss exciting projects coming up next year. Vanessa,  the Cultural Attaché at the Mexican Embassy in London, was excited to learn about the interest and enthusiasm for Mexico demonstrated by the Curator of Photography at Tate Modern. We are very enthusiastic about this meeting and look forward to seeing the areas in which they may collaborate in future.

Roger Malbert is a Senior Curator with Hayward Touring, a contemporary art organization incorporated to the Hayward Gallery at Southbank that produces exhibitions that tour to galleries, museums and other publicly-funded venues throughout Britain. He invited Lutz Becker, who holds rights to the great body of material from Eisenstein’s ‘¡Que viva Mexico!’ Да здравствует Мексика!, to join us at the Concrete Cafe in London. We enthusiastically discussed Mexican culture, past and present and were happy to find common interests in may fields. We hope to support the great work both are doing, and to encourage their interest in Mexico even further.

We were invited to the Camden Arts Centre to meet Gina Buenfeld, Exhibition Co-ordinator who had demonstrated a keen interest in México, and were excited to hear of the residence programme which offers a large onsite studio space to artists and to learn of past exhibitions.

The director, Jenni Lomax, has been with the centre for some time, and has developed a reputation for having great foresight and inviting future stars to participate in their programme. In researching Mexico and contacting people, we hope to offer some assistance in making any future participation of Mexico in this great space a success.

Eduardo Terrazas worked with Pedro Ramírez Vázquez as one of the people responsible for what became the Mexico 68 Image Programme with hundreds of people to manage. Together, they would work create the impression of a modern Mexico for many many thousands of visitors to the Olympics and a first impression of Mexico for many people around the world. An architect by profession, it was his interest in Mexicos diversity as well as the visual arts that put him in a great position to propose and actively participate in much of the creative process.

We were introduced to Eduardo in Mexico to learn more about an impressive body of artwork that he has created over decades and preserved privately. We also talked about a book, which with the exception of a few prestigious exhibitions, will be the first time many people will see his work. A comprehensive overview which purposefully avoids any chronology and instead seeks to identify a purely visual narrative through his life as an artist. We are proud to have received the very first full resolution proof from Eduardo, who has over the last few weeks become a great friend, and to have the opportunity of collaborating and of introducing his work through it to new audiences when it is published next year.

Horror Vacui 2011 featured on the 6 o’clock news, 5th of September, of Irelands national television chanel RTÉ covering the inauguration of Dublin Contemporary 2011 (5th September – 31st of October 2011). It is being exhibited on its own in room F5 of the main exhibition space on Earlsfort Terrace adjacent to the National Concert Call which is on the second floor. Alejandro Almanza Pereda was invited by curator Christian Viveros-Fauné to exhibit this wonderful piece he produced with us recently in London for his exhibition: I did it my way and took the highway.

Stefan Bruggermann Stefan Brüggemann welcomes us to his London studio and home. With recent works concerned with appropriation, he appropriates the appropriated works of Richard Prince & Joseph Kosuth for his upcoming Paris exhibition.

“Brüggemann explores a variety of mediums including sculpture, video, painting, and drawing. He frequently
employs text, demonstrating a pop aesthetic while maintaining a critical attitude towards the sociological
context from which it is derived.”

“Alejandro Almanza Pereda builds enigmatic and unpredictable arrangements that overturn the typical production, consumption and use of objects while exploring ideas of architecture and precariousness. Almanza’s recent exhibitions include I Did It My Way and Took the Highway, Fundación Magnolia presentation…”

We are very happy for Monica Fernandez, our invaluable team member for I DID IT MY WAY AND TOOK THE HIGHWAY, who has now joined the team of Blain Southern! Best of Luck from the whole team at FM.

Painter Marcela Flórido joined Alejandro Almanza Pereda as an Artist Assistant, and stayed on with us for the whole exhibition of I DID IT MY WAY AND TOOK THE HIGHWAY becoming an essential part of the team in every area. She went on to assist Keith Coventry in his new body of work which we are all very excited to see very soon. Whats next Marcela?