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  • Artist Almanac- MEXICO

    This upcoming publication introduces active contemporary artists in Mexico through a concise, accessible and objective tome. With no pretence of being an exhaustive documentation of all living artists, the book offers a comprehensive, generous and well-balanced selection. Each artist benefits from equal attention in the form of a succinct introduction and an image to complement.

    The selection process was carried out in conjunction with a team of young Mexican based critics and curators such as Regina Pozo, Carmen Cebreros Urzaiz, Ana-Maria Sordo and Andrea Paasch. These specialists have also been commissioned to write texts on the artists exclusively for this publication. Their sound understanding and first hand experience of Mexico today ensures a wonderful critical perspective on each artist in just a few words.We are also extremely proud of our collaboration with TOMO magazine, a monthly culture and arts publication in Mexico, which has been a great resource of knowledge and expertise into Mexico’s contemporary culture.

    Without compromising on quality, printing and binding should be economical so that the product is accessible to a broad audience. For this same reason, every text is presented in four languages.